25. September 2014

NBA Champion der Detroid Pistons startet Kickboxkarriere


Darko Milicic, 2004 NBA champion with Detroit Pistons, starts new carrier.
Milicic, 7 feet high former basketball player from Serbia became a member of The World Association of Kickboxing Organisations(WAKO PRO).

The story starts in an event from the spring 2014. Darko Milicic, well known for his charitable activities, bought a WAKO PRO championship belt from his compatriot and friend Nenad Pagonis, former WAKO PRO World Champion on an humanitarian auction for eleven year old Serbian girl Nadja who has bone cancer.

Nenad Pagonis wrote a following message to Darko Milicic on his Championship belt – “Now You bought it, next time, try to earn it in the ring”.

Following his words Darko Milicic has started with hard training with idea to became a professional kickboxer. Now, he is ready to try to make a career in kickboxing.

On Wednesday, September 24th he officially signed contract with Miss Barbara Falsoni, General Director of WAKO PRO about mutual cooperation and it is expected to see him in the ring for his kickboxing debut during the next winter.

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