19. Februar 2013

Stellungnahme des Weltverbandes

Liebe Sportfeunde.

In den vergangenen Tagen wurden einige falschmeldungen durch einen Herrn Simanaitis bezüglich der Namensnutzung “K1” der WAKO verbreitet. Hier die offizielle Stellungnahme unseres Weltpräsidenten Ennio Falsoni:

Dear Mr. Simanaitis,

I can understand you are scared about the idea of seeing your newly founded K1 Federation dissolved in a short time . But actually I am very much surprised about your interpretation of the document Mr. Mike Kim has signed. It looks like you don’t even know the English language!

Mr. Kim has cleared that WAKO is not representing K-1 Brand and that is completely true, since we have NEVER claimed anything like that!

WAKO is the sole governing body for amateur Kickboxing in the world, since we are officially recognized by Sportaccord (IOC) and OCA (Olympic Council of Asia).

Out of 120 nations affiliated to our organization, 95 of them are also officially recognized by their respective National Olympic Committees or Government Sport Authorities.

WAKO has signed an agreement with Mr. Kim in Bucharest  of mutual support: WAKO recognize K-1 Brand as the professional body and viceversa K-1 Brand recognize WAKO as the amateur body for Kickboxing, in all its aspects.

We help  each other worldwide.

Where is the problem then? Why are you saying that WAKO is illegally using K-1 name ?

I would like to suggest you not to make similar mistake in the future or I will be obliged to take legal actions against you. All our members will never have any relation with you at an “amateur” level, and you know that.

Remaining at your disposal for any further clarification, sport regards.

Ennio Falsoni

WAKO president

bundesfachverband für kickboxen

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