25. November 2011

World sport accord combat games

In order to ensure the worldwide participation in the most important event for our Martial Art and Combat Sports WAKO will have qualification in each continent 2012. This is the events WAKO want to announce for it members to take part of. 

23-29 April
African Championships – Madagascar (all disciplines)

Asian/Oceania Championships – Teheran, I.R.Iran, (all disciplines)

21-27 October
European Championships – Ankara, Turkey (K1)

27 Nov-1 Des
European Championships – Buchurest, Romania (Full, Semi)

6-9. December
Pan-American Championships – Foz Do Iguazu, Brazil, (all disciplines) 

The athletes will be divided as follows – 4 from Europe, 2 from Asia/Oceania, 1 from Africa, 1 from Pan America 

Kickboxing participation
Kickboxing will be represented in following disciplines with the number of 8 athletes in each weight category:

Full-Contact – 63.5, 71, 91, W60
K1-Rules – 67, 75, 81, W60
Semi-Contact – 63, 74, 84, W60

bundesfachverband für kickboxen

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